Cyber Rock Sixties Sunday

March 9, 2018

Cyber Rock will return to 1967 again this Sunday.

Join our DJ’s Tom Edwards, Peter Quinn, Bill Lee and Dave Asher on the m.v Love and Peace in the International waters of the North Sea, along with Captain Luganov  and his crew comprising Doris the Tea Lady,  Chief Engineer Jock Tosser , Stefano the Chef and not forgetting our resident weatherman Peter Weather-Moore for Sixties Sunday.

New movie releases this week in 1967 include Grand Prix with James Garner

Peter Quinn announces some new births with familiar names from the future

Joseph Stalin daughter defects to the USA

A new group called Pink Floyd release their first single Arnold Layne

Glasgow Celtic win 7-0 at home in the Scottish FA Cup

Its all happening on Sixties Sunday

Be there or be Square !